As I roved out – Fiddler's Green concert

Finally Saturday evening arrived! The concert was part of the “Schicksalsfest” (Destiny/Fate festival) – a 3 day festival for fans of the Middle Ages. The setting was an old castle in Belgium, close to my hometown, and many attendees dressed in medieval costumes or phantasy costumes (a lot clearly influenced by Tolkien). Since my ticket … [Read more…]

Have fun with wardrivers

Via Gadgetopia: Peter Stevens found out that his neighbours used his wireless network without his permission. Though he should have properly secured it in the first place, he implemented some funny ways to annoy the bandwidth thieves.

Agnitas E-Mail Marketing system as Open Source

Surprisingly offline media can still deliver genuine news to me. The recent issue of Internet World Business contained an article that the renowned German E-Mail Marketing specialist Agnitas has releas their email- and dialog-marketing software package as Open Source (see press release) . Since 1999 Agnitas is among the leading companies worldwide to provide email … [Read more…]

Voice your opinion regarding RFID to the EU commission

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are among the most controversial technology developments right now. Though benefits for logistics seem pretty obvious, many people are concerned with privacy issues, fearing that ubiquitous RFID-tags make their data trail even more transparent as it already is. The European Commission has put a quite extensive questionnaire online: The RFID … [Read more…]

WordPress users – check your settings!

By DrDave: If you are running WordPress as your blogging platform and if you have been trusting enough to leave User registration enabled for guests, DISABLE IT IMMEDIATELY (in wp-admin >> options: make sure “Anyone can register” is not checked). Thanks Jona.

3 days to go for Fiddler's Green concert

Only 3 days to wait for the Fiddler’s Green concert at the Eyneburg castle in Belgium. There is supposed to be a weather change towards the weekend – I hope we won’t have thunderstorms that night. I’m going to post some more after the concert.

"Vintage" guitar identified

As mentioned in an earlier post I am brushing up my guitar – ahem – “skills” during my vacation. Yesterday I was sitting with my friend Holger who dusted off his old electric bass in a similar attempt. I told him about my guitar and when I mentioned the manufacturer’s name “Framus” he raised an … [Read more…]

QuarkXpress upgrade troubles

In the office we are mostly working with Adobe InDesign, but we have some legacy and 3rd party files created in QuarkXpress. Recently we got some newer Quark files, so we needed to upgrade our old 4.4 version. However it turns out that we can’t upgrade, since the version we own has already been upgraded … [Read more…]