I’m sorry, this only works in German. But maybe you get the joke when I tell you that the German word for ballpen is “Kugelschreiber”. Thanks to Jörg who came up with this spontaneously when he saw the pen lying around at my desk. If you ever need a translator English/German/German/English get a quote from … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to me…

Since nobody from my online life seems to have noticed – I celebrated my birthday yesterday. There were a few automated mails from several forums of course. The nicest one coming from the Friends of Laphroaig, who sent me a nice postcard and a 10% discount in their online shop. Unfortunately the discount was only … [Read more…]

There's justice in the world after all

I was really angry and personally disappointed last May when a co-worker, who was new to the industry and got all his teaching at our company, quit and joined a competitor. Yesterday I learned that he has jumped horses again. Good riddance!

Recent books I read

Well, my vacation is over and today was the first day in the office again. I always end vacations with mixed feelings – it feels good to have leisure time, but I really like to work as well… This vacation I had plenty of time for reading, and I actually “inhaled” 3 books – and … [Read more…]

My first day in Second Life

I learned about Second Life quite a while ago, not the least due to the coverage by BoingBoing. Being involved in 3D design myself, I was curious to see how an interactive 3D world actually works. But on the same time I was reluctant as well, recognizing the potential for addiction in such a community. … [Read more…]

Cinema 4D V10 was just released

The 3D community is speculating for a couple of weeks on the next release of Cinema 4D. As the Maxon Webpage became unaccessible this morning, rumours immediatly started to surface. A few minutes ago, Maxon went live with the new Version 10 – and since then their servers are pretty much swamped with all the … [Read more…]