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I have been recently accused of pulling off a publicity stunt regarding my Bodenst√§ndig 2000 iTunes blog entry. I don’t know wether the bands record sales skyrocketed afterwards – my AdSense income for sure hasn’t. When the story broke I got well over 6000 unique hits – and not a single AdSense click!
This blog has not been started to make me rich (though I wouldn’t object). However I have a few expenses to cover and it would be nice if it could pay for itself. So I changed the advertising strategy for :tz: – no more annoying ads inside the articles. From now on, there’s only 2 ads on the frontpage: one AdSense ad below the first post and an Amazon ad below the second post. On the comments pages there is another AdSense linkblock. That’s it! Hope this is a good compromise between refinancing the blog and not being too annoying with ads.

Any feedback will be appreciated!


  1. Nice idea. But I would replace the ads above the comments with ‘real’ ads like the one at the bottom. As far as I know you’ll only get money with those ads if the visitor clicks one time, and on the appearing page a second time. Unlikely.

  2. Yes, the second click “counts”. However it is surprising how well AdLinks work. Usually they work better than regular advertising blocks. As for the positions: the way this template is set up I can’t really swap the two blocks. The regular blocks come from the “main” template, the AdLink block is part of the “comment” template which itself gets called from the “main” template.

  3. Ads may not be that bad. You migth support the good cause by ads, even with your amazon ads. How? Try . It’s similar to Amazon Self Optimizing Links but you can define your key words directly. It’s under development but working very well so far. You can use your own amazon partner tag or the tag for the good cause. Try it! Feedback is appreciated.

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