Joomla! Security – the never ending story

Version 1.0.12 of the Joomla content management system eliminates about 140 errors and various security holes in the basic system. ( The Joomla! core is safe (anonymous Wikipedia editor) See also: Sick of crusading Joomla! advocates and New Joomla! version – and a fresh security start


I don’t know where Dirk found this list, but for summing up the year it seems an adequate collection. So here we go: Gained or lost weight? Gained – but stable now Longer or shorter hair? No change Nearsighted or farsighted? Recent check showed increased nearsightedness – as a result I got new fancy glasses … [Read more…]

I'm a FONero – finally

Well, that was quite difficult. Timeline of events: June 2006: In an article on I heard about FON for the first time. The concept was interesting, but since I didn’t plan to use WLAN at home I dismissed it. July 2006: A co-worker started to use FON and made me reconsider the idea. As … [Read more…]

30 million vulnerable WordPress sites

I had a lengthy email conversation with Brian Layman a few months ago about security issues in WordPress, and the need to motivate WordPress users (who more often than not are laymen [no pun intended] themselves) to upgrade. Brian is a bit desillusioned how security issues are handled by the WordPress core team. He compiled … [Read more…]

Orkut went out of beta and nobody cared

The most recent issue of the Google Friends newsletter contained an explosive piece of information: Finally, orkut no longer requires an invite — anyone can sign up for an account. Sorry, Google, but nobody cares anymore. Orkut was in elitist beta for too long. Now social networks like MySpace have taken the lead. Better luck … [Read more…]

Through the fog at 300 km/hour

I had a speaking engagement in Frankfurt the last two days, and I decided to take the ICE train. The ride to Frankfurt was nonstop and took exactly 99 minutes, at a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), and since we started rather early the better part of the journey was during sunrise. About … [Read more…]