Multi-Touch touchscreen

Occasionally I have to do video editing jobs. When sighting the footage and creating a first raw cut, the screen size was always too small. I wished I had a really large screen (like 3m by 1.5m) at a real high resolution to arrange and sort the footage. Now I came accros this exciting project … [Read more…]

Battlestar Galactica

We now have Battlestar Galactica on TV. Since I kinda liked the original series when I was a teenager, I had a look at the pilot and the first sequel. The idea for the new series is nice: the new plot is 40 years after the original one. The ship itself is about to be … [Read more…]

Decidedly Celtic

Since I’m still feeling decidedly celtic (usually it doesn’t take that long), I shopped eBay a bit for modern Celtic music. Even uninitiated people have probably heard of Runrig – the self-acclaimed “Scotland’s Premier Celtic Band” – before. I got a very nice live CD called “Once in a Lifetime-Live” where their obligatory version of … [Read more…]