UCSD-Pascal sourcecode released

heise.de reports that the University of California , San Diego (UCSD) has released the sourcecode of their UCSD-Pascal to the public to be used for educational purposes. UCSD-Pascal was the first programming language I got taught – the first I learned on my own was Commodore Basic. I was in the first age-group ever who … [Read more…]

May 25 – Towel Day (among others)

Today is a public holiday in Germany. The official reason is of course Ascension. But today is also Towel Day – in memoriam Douglas Adams. Before I realized the coinciding of the two dates I planned to take my towel to work. OK, better luck next year.

Matt Cutts Firefox extensions

Recently Googleblogger Matt Cutts talked about the nofollow-tag. While what he reported was about 90% of what a Google rep emailed me several months ago, what immediately caught my attention was a screenshot he had posted. I took the liberty of cropping the interesting section of it: This gives quite an interesting insight into what … [Read more…]

Trying to get rich, part II

So the magic spells to create gold in the information age go like this: Oh, mighty Sergey, I will always buy peritoneal mesothelioma, never talk to mesothelioma lawyers even though I ask myself “what is mesothelioma”? Oh, might Eric, if I need to consolidate loans, or if I am refinancing my mortgage, or if I … [Read more…]

Minivan sales in Redmond, WA

The leading German IT newschannel heise.de reports that Windows Vista developers will get paid 100 US$ in cash for each bug they find over the weekend. The bounty was announced by Senior VP Brian Valentine on Friday, according to heise.de. Scott Adams had a similar idea back in 1995 for one of his Dilbert strips. … [Read more…]

Google Trends

Steve Rubel did a nice list of “25 Things I Learned on Google Trends“. I couldn’t resist to do a few on my own: Linux is more popular than Windows XP WordPress is more popular than Typo3 Mambo is less popular than Typo3 Canon and Sony battle head to head with HDV camcorders 3DS Max … [Read more…]

Are you an internet addict?

The Center for Online and Internet Addiction put a test online (ha!), which helps you to find out if you are an Internet addict. While having to work with and on the Internet as a major part of my job I had nothing to fear, but still I was a bit nervous. But it worked … [Read more…]