Linux saved my afternoon

We had a scheduled downtime for our network infrastructure yesterday late afternoon. Our utilities company had to turn off the power for half an hour, so we took the opportunity to do some rewiring and some recalibration work on our USV. When power was restored, we booted the servers, switches, routers and PBX again – … [Read more…]

SketchUp Free Version

I knew it! It was bound to happen! Google/SketchUp has just released a free version. I guess it won’t take long for gazillions of Google Earth 3D models to become available. I’m looking forward to it!

Deep down in work

Just a quick note to let you know I’m still around. It was quite a busy time since I last posted. There was CeBIT which I visited again after a 1-year pause, then we moved offices and finally we founded a spin-off company. Each of these issues came along with huge chunks of work and … [Read more…]