I'm miffed…

My paper for a lecture during the first Typo3 conference was declined! Your paper(s) got the following voting: not accepted: Typo3 and Search Engine Optimization / Friendlyness In total, we had more than 60 proposals to select from, but due to limited time and space available only 24 could make it into the conference. We … [Read more…]

Obsessed by email?

Mark writes about Americans being obsessed by emails. I am a bit surprised that this is an issue at all. Email is so normal for me. When I first hooked up my phone to my 300 baud acoustic coupler back in the mid-Eighties to dial a BBS, I started to email, and I haven’t stopped … [Read more…]

New cheat-sheets

Dave Child of ilovejackdaniels.com has two new cheat-sheets for MySql and mod_rewrite. They complement his previous cheat sheets on CSS and PHP very nicely. I just grabbed a copy of Christopher Schmitt’s CSS Cookbook, which presents a few common web tasks and their solution with CSS. I am especially interested in the printer-friendly formatting for … [Read more…]

WordPress and Typo3

Nuclear Moose has a bad hair day because of WordPress: WordPress is a tremendous tool. It’s being developed by an outstanding group of people but it is the master of the community, not the servant like it should be. Actually I never heard of Nuclear Moose before, and I only came across his blog because … [Read more…]

Think big, print bigger!

What a week! I really really needed that Pentecost Holiday. Last week, Canon introduced its new imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printers and I was pretty involved in that event. On top of that, I had to run our international support since our English speaking support guys were on a week long training. I can tell … [Read more…]

Coming of age in Cyberspace

I’m seeing the potential danger that this blog becomes yet-another-searchengine-blog. That’s not what I have in mind, even though search engines play an important role in my (business) life. This blog is about getting older in cyberspace. Its working title was actually “coming of age in cyberspace” – but that sounded a bit silly for … [Read more…]

Runner up: Google!

OK, :tz: is listed in Google as well. They are cheating a bit because the date says May 6 – which is actually what they have in the cache – however the results can’t be more than 2-3 hours old because that was the last time I checked (yeah, call me a Nerd – I … [Read more…]

Congratulations, Yahoo!

Yahoo is the first search engine of the Troika to show technozid.de in its index. Recently technozid.de has been spidered by all three and also by Ask Jeeves – Yahoo beat them by listing the site first. I wonder if this blog will have to go through the Google sandbox – the domain is rather … [Read more…]

Google is down!

Guess this is a “once in a lifetime”. Google is down. Yes, that Google. Seems the name servers are messed up: [00:52:37 CEST] pmk@mailbert:~$ nslookup www.google.com Server: Address: ** server can’t find www.google.com: NXDOMAIN