Feels like Rivendell

It’s October 31, at 8:36 in the evening. Outside temperature is 19 degrees Centigrade (66 degrees Farenheit). The golden leaves are falling in a gentle breeze. Riding to work with my bicycle was great this morning. During lunchtime, I went outside only wearing a T-Shirt and the sun felt great at some 25C/77F. Since we … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Julia Roberts!

Today is actress Julia Roberts birthday. And so is mine. It’s not only the same day, it’s the EXACT same day and year. This means Julia Roberts turns 38 today. So do I. I wonder how she feels today, and whether she is happy. Though I knew about the birthday sharing with Julia Roberts for … [Read more…]

Titanic (the movie) in 30 seconds

While working in Wikipedia (you know how it goes: you edit an article, then you need to change the cross reference, then the cross references cross reference, etc.) I came accross this hilarious link: Titanic in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies Enjoy!

Mark is my hero

So I got an Orkut invite. Thanks Mark! Hope you do not get spammed with requests for them. Well, hope I do not get spammed with requests 🙂 However the system has a bad hair day today – but they get 100 points for originality in their error messages. Give me a couple of days, … [Read more…]

Samy is my hero (not)

So, this guy samy hacked MySpace.com with a rather simple Ajax script, wasn’t aware of the exponential rate at which his worm grew, and pulled the plug. It’s a rather funny story to read, and the interview he gave to Google Blogoscoped is pretty funny too. What no-one pointed out so far is how crappy … [Read more…]

New Terry Pratchett just arrived

The new Terry Pratchett novel “Going Postal” just arrived as paperback. I was lucky since I had a 5 EUR voucher from amazon so I only paid 1.09 EUR for it. I haven’t started reading yet, but probably will later tonight. Since Night Watch, Pratchett’s style has changed considerably and the novels got more intense, … [Read more…]

Hilarious company name

I was visiting the “InterGEO” tradeshow today, and came across a stunning company name: I couldn’t believe they actually use this as their company name. I wonder if they came up with it by their own or if they were counseled in any way. If so, I would try to make the counselor liable. If … [Read more…]