Paris I: WiFi wonderland – or is it?

Business trip to Paris. Ethernet-bound internet access in the hotel came at a “bargain” price of 23€/day (alternatively 5€/hour). Since I was in a highrise I hoped to connect to a FON hotspot 2 blocks away, but I didn’t even get its signal. However I got 34 other signals. Unfortunately, none offered open access.

Kyrill vs. Fiddler's Green

On Thursday night I should have been on the fourth concert of the new “Drive Me Mad!” tour by Fiddler’s Green in Cologne. I intended to go there by train, so I would be able to drink a beer and might even catch some sleep on the way back. Hurricane Kyrill didn’t like these plans, … [Read more…]


This is not Bill Gates. It’s me, ca. 1980, at the age of 13, maybe 14. Among the Christmas presents by my mother was a CD with digitized slides (Wikipedia article on photographic slides for the younger readers) she found during a recent home improvement cleanup. The CD contained various undated images, the oldest one … [Read more…]

Woman Acceptance Factor

Since it was only present in the German Wikipedia, I created a translation for the English Wikipedia: The Woman Acceptance Factor (WAF) is the playful estimation of the acceptance or refusal of a new acquisition by the significant other. It relies on the cliché that men are driven by a certain geekyness when it comes … [Read more…]