What does Google know about you?

What a strange coincidence. Matt Cutts gives a quick overview of the features of the new Google toolbar and I had some concerns about the privacy issues of the server side bookmarks. As I reported before, I use a Firefox extension to synchronize bookmarks among different PC’s, but I have some troubles with it. To … [Read more…]

Most expensive Christmas card ever

Being an AdWords advertiser for my company, I received a Seasons Greetings card from Google. Given the amount we spend each month (which I am not going to disclose in case someone from our competition stumbles accross this blog), it seems a little bit odd, especially since other people on webmaster and PPC forums report … [Read more…]

The Google PC

All around watercoolers there’s one topic today: the Google PC! Already two days ago the LAtimes broke the story, which the Inquirer picked up today, as well as numerous sites worldwide. Obviously the idea itself does not seem to be surprising – a lot of readers overlooked the small line in the LAtimes article: Here … [Read more…]

Firefox Extension Blues

I like Firefox. I really do. One of its main advantages is the extensibility via plugins. For almost any task I ever wanted, there is an extension for Firefox. OK sometimes it’s a bit over the top to have 4 or more toolbars, but – hey – you can even tweak them and add or … [Read more…]

Welcome 2006

This post was intended for yesterday, but the server was down. What a start… There’s lots of room for improvement in 2006, in almost all aspects. Let’s make a difference!