QuarkXpress upgrade troubles

In the office we are mostly working with Adobe InDesign, but we have some legacy and 3rd party files created in QuarkXpress. Recently we got some newer Quark files, so we needed to upgrade our old 4.4 version. However it turns out that we can’t upgrade, since the version we own has already been upgraded – according the Quark!
How can that be? After having a rather unhelpful sales rep the first time, upon our second call we got the information needed. It turned out the company we bought the licencse from (on eBay) had upgraded this very licencse to version 5 themselves – and sold the old package to us. According to Quark, this is clearly illegal. But even though Quark posesses all the registration information from that company, they want US to contact them AND refuses to upgrade our copy. Hey, are WE the ones who cheated on them?

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  1. […] A couple of years ago my company bought the software package QuarkXpress from someone at eBay. Recently we tried to upgrade that version to the most current one, but Quark declined the upgrade saying the version was already upgraded. This upgraded version is registered to the person who sold us our old version, which is a clear violation of Quark’s licensing policy. But even though this person – who is known to Quark – is using a pirated copy Quark still declares this as not being their problem… […]

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