Voice your opinion regarding RFID to the EU commission

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are among the most controversial technology developments right now. Though benefits for logistics seem pretty obvious, many people are concerned with privacy issues, fearing that ubiquitous RFID-tags make their data trail even more transparent as it already is.

The European Commission has put a quite extensive questionnaire online: The RFID Revolution: Your voice on the Challenges, Opportunities and Threats. The good news is that it is open not only to companies or EU-residents, but in fact to everybody! You have to invest some time to answer all of the questions. But it offers a unique chance to voice your opinion on this matter. Also the questions themselves are very unbiased and try to shed light on all aspects of RFID implementation. For example there were questions regarding RFID use to prevent product piracy and for handgun control – two aspects that didn’t occured to me before.

The EU commision DOES ask for your input in all sincerity. Use this opportunity!

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