Reverb is for music, what drop shadows are for graphic design. You should not use it excessively, but it’s cool.

My first guitar lesson

At the age of 16 I taught myself a little guitar. Ever since then, I played – sometimes more, sometimes less, but at a certain point all autodidactic efforts came to a stop. For my last birthday, friends and family gave me some money to get professional guitar lessons. And in about 30 minutes I … [Read more…]

Kyrill vs. Fiddler's Green

On Thursday night I should have been on the fourth concert of the new “Drive Me Mad!” tour by Fiddler’s Green in Cologne. I intended to go there by train, so I would be able to drink a beer and might even catch some sleep on the way back. Hurricane Kyrill didn’t like these plans, … [Read more…]

As I roved out – Fiddler's Green concert

Finally Saturday evening arrived! The concert was part of the “Schicksalsfest” (Destiny/Fate festival) – a 3 day festival for fans of the Middle Ages. The setting was an old castle in Belgium, close to my hometown, and many attendees dressed in medieval costumes or phantasy costumes (a lot clearly influenced by Tolkien). Since my ticket … [Read more…]

3 days to go for Fiddler's Green concert

Only 3 days to wait for the Fiddler’s Green concert at the Eyneburg castle in Belgium. There is supposed to be a weather change towards the weekend – I hope we won’t have thunderstorms that night. I’m going to post some more after the concert.

"Vintage" guitar identified

As mentioned in an earlier post I am brushing up my guitar – ahem – “skills” during my vacation. Yesterday I was sitting with my friend Holger who dusted off his old electric bass in a similar attempt. I told him about my guitar and when I mentioned the manufacturer’s name “Framus” he raised an … [Read more…]

I released my music tracks under CC

A couple of years ago I was first confronted with the task to create a small (educational/promotional) video. Since I am working with Adobe Premiere since version 4.2 the production of the video was not a big task. But since it was to be used for commercial purposes, the soundtrack was the real difficult part … [Read more…]

GuitarFX hijacks your browser

I’m on vacation right now. So I began my long planned task of improving my guitar skills with dusting off my electric guitar and putting on new strings. I have not yet cleaned & repaired my amp so I plugged the guitar into the PC and abused it as a makeshift amplifier. This worked surprisingly … [Read more…]