3 Public Speaking Tips

I love public speaking. Passionate presenting in front of 5, 50 or 500 people is what I truly enjoy. So I was very happy when I got asked for a speaking engagement last Saturday. The presentation had to be held in front of a group of just 10 people, but they were probably the toughest … [Read more…]

Reliability of digital cameras

BoingBoing has a post on the person who photographed the new Harry Potter book. The person obviously forgot to manipulate/erase the EXIF metadata, so the camera type and serial number is known. The real dynamite (at least for me) lies in the quote of a Canon official: “From what we know, the device is one … [Read more…]

Bicycle accident – knee damaged

Today is the fourth day after a bicycle accident I had. Fortunately it happened without another party involved – otherwise it might have been even worse. I cycled downhill and had to take a right turn at a crossing – a spot I pass twice each day. Since it hasn’t rained since April 1st the … [Read more…]