Speed rush with fibre optic link

With an almost 3-week delay we finally switched on our fibre-optic link today. The delay was caused by the electrician of our landlord (do you say landlord also for office buildings?), who has the exclusive right to do all wiring in the building. Fact is he broke the cable the first time, but it cost … [Read more…]

Painless upgrade to new WordPress

I was reluctant to upgrade my WordPress 1.5.x to the most recent version because there were quite a lot of warnings given on the official site. Especially the part about backing up the SQL database made me postpone. However Brian just posted a reassuring explanation with a handy script, promising a painless WordPress update in … [Read more…]

eBay-auction end-time affects profit

Scientists from my hometown’s university have found out that eBay-auctions, which end during the day achieve higher profits compared to auctions ending in the evening. Popular belief is that evening-endings are more profitable since more surfers are online. However one needs to take into account that the number of auctions ending after 6pm is significantly … [Read more…]

Google PageRank algorithm uncovered

Philip has managed to reverse-engineer the Google PageRank algorithm and confirmed the fears of all professional webmasters. Though this is satire of course, the interesting point is that there has to be such a piece of code, and that it most likely will look rather similar to the one Philip made up. It would be … [Read more…]