Simplicity is boring

“Simplicity is the reward after the challenge of complexity.” That’s actually by me, and I said it spontanously during a nice pub conversation with a business partner and an old friend.

16 years on the net

16 years ago today, I left my first trace on the face of the internet. I was a posting to the Usenet newsgroup sci.crypt, and I was posting in German. Translated, the post reads: I coded a simple encryption algorithm in Turbo-Pascal, whose sole purpose is to secure a few lines of text against the … [Read more…]

Google Middle Earth

Since I installed Google Earth I wondered if someone mapped the filming locations as placemarks. Quick web searches didn’t reveal much – only one placemark for Helm’s Deep. However tonight I found a very rich collection of Middle Earth placemarks, showing many locations plus the WETA studios. I’m very attached to the Lord of the … [Read more…]

Google Blog Search

WebmasterWorld and Tom Raftery mentioned the new Google Blog Search almost simultaneously. Yes, it’s nice. Yes, it’s way faster than Technorati. No, it hasn’t all features of Technorati (yet). Yes, :tz: is listed. Yes, I like it. Sounds like a “me too” post? OK, here comes the beef: Via Google Blog Search (which really should … [Read more…]

Blogs missing basic functionality

I had a revelation today! I cycled home from work, and my mind was wandering a bit, and I thought about a few things which happened during the last days. All of a sudden I became aware that TYCon3 is over now and Kai hasn’t blogged anything new about it. And that opened my eyes! … [Read more…]


Here’s the thing. Google has memorized who you are. It’s memorized all of us, through those little forgotten bits that we leave behind like breadcrumbs. And what’s more important, it’s memorized it’s own idea of you. Google is omniscient. It’s omniscient and omnipotent. That’s an excerpt from, a site which will publish a new … [Read more…]

Trust nobody!

For those of you interested in 3D graphics and digital video creation: invest 102 seconds and have a look at the “Making of Stealth” video from Digital Domain. Though it’s probably not the kind of movie I watch (or maybe yes?), those guys rock! Additional information: Stealth at IMDB

Human Ressources at Microsoft…

… tried to hire Eric S Raymond. Hilarious! What were you going to do with the rest of your afternoon, offer jobs to Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds? Or were you going to stick to something easier, like talking Pope Benedict into presiding at a Satanist orgy? (Via Gadgetopia)