High-Tech burglars!

Tom Raftery writes about the default “out of office” message handling of Exchange and explains why it can be a security risk: It is entirely possible to spam a company (or more likely companies), do automated searches for Out of Office Replies, cross reference them with phone book entries, and then burglarise houses secure in … [Read more…]

Google Press Releases

Google Blogoscoped has some hilarious Google Headlines You Don’t Want to Read. My favourite is: April 21, 2006 Google No Longer Indexing Non-Adult Content; Larry Page: “We focus on the top 10 search words now”

Firefox Blues

For the third time now, my Firefox installation is more or less completely messed up. And every time now it had to do with extensions. And every time now it has been almost impossible to find the offending extension and get it all cleaned up again. I browsed the net, but all I found were … [Read more…]

It's official now…

… I’m a “color specialist”. The latest issue of the influential magazine of the German Reprographic Association published an article about a seminar I held and gave me that title. Seems my lecture about applied color theory impressed them after all. Reality check: duh – my business card still says something else 🙂

Poll regarding the Amazon logo

While watching the superb EPIC 2015 video, it occured to me for the very first time after all those years that the Amazon logo contains an arrow pointing from A to Z. It’s message is “obviously” to say that amazon has it all. I just never saw it before! Imagine my further surprise, when I … [Read more…]

Life looks better in wide-angle

I just returned from my summer vacation. It was planned for two weeks, but we had to return after one week for reasons which don’t belong here. I had prepared two posts in WordPress and set a creation date in the future so that they should give the impression that I’m on-line. National law forces … [Read more…]

Legal Guide for Bloggers

Hey, Mark , have you seen this post on Google Blogoscoped? They wrote about a Legal Guide for Bloggers by the EFF. Like all journalists and publishers, bloggers sometimes publish information that other people don’t want published. […] The difference between you and the reporter at your local newspaper is that in many cases, you … [Read more…]

Life looks better through sunglasses

I love sunglasses! Not only do they protect the eyes (I’m kind of sensible to bright light) – no the whole world looks better through them! The colors – though darker – are more rich, intense. The whole impression is much more “textured”, much more “real”. Reality itself virtually fades if not seen through sunglasses. … [Read more…]