Trucker special

Found this at a truck stop when returning from my vacation. Translation: “Special Menu for Truckers: Minced meat with red cabbage and potatoes incl. 0.02l of Jeam Beam” (obviously they meant Jim Beam). Germany has a 0.5 “promille” (one-tenth of a percent) alcohol limit for drivers. However if you cause an accident, even the slightest … [Read more…]


I had a few days vacation, and I made a trip to the Rhön mountain range, and especially to the “Wasserkuppe” (water peak). This 950 meter mountain is especially well known since it is widely considered to be the birthplace of gliding and sailplanes. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the airfield was buzzing … [Read more…]

100 days of blogging

It’s now 100 days since I started this blog. In my country, it is a custom to evaluate a change (like a new ruling party, a new president, a new manager) after 100 days. So let’s evaluate my first 100 days of blogging.

Outstanding service!

Last Friday I ordered some software at Softline, a German supplier. The package arrived on Monday, but it took me until Tuesday to get started. Once the CD was inserted, my PC started to lock up. The cd-drive flashed wildly, and the whole system was slowed down to a standstill. This happened on 2 other … [Read more…]