Pretty busy

I’m pretty busy right now. The project I sold to management demands a fast pace, so I am actually working day and night to meet the ambitious deadline. We also decided to do an Open House event on September 1st, which is going to take place in a hangar of a nearby airport. Most of … [Read more…]

20 years Amiga

On July 23, 1985, the Commodore Amiga was officially launched in New York. During the launch party, Andy Warhol did live image manipulation of portraits of Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie. The Commodore Amiga introduced 16bit technology to home computers. Due to its extended use of specialized circuitry for dedicated tasks like music generation … [Read more…]

Am I an ignorant person?

Later this afternoon, news of the second London attack broke. But the news that touched me more today was the one of James Doohans death. I felt like crying when I first heard it, I felt like crying every time since then when I though about it again. Does this make me a bad or … [Read more…]

In memoriam James Doohan

I just heard the news that James Doohan has passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Doohan became famous for acting the role of “Mr. Scott”, the engineer of the USS Enterprise starship in the TV series “Star Trek”. Doohan – or better – Scotty – was one of the heroes of my childhood. … [Read more…]

Middle Earth is saved!

I saved Middle Earth! It took me almost 6 weeks, but I don’t complain since this is significantly shorter compared to the journey of the Fellowship. Computer games have come a long way since my first game “Gruds in Space“. I’m not a big game person. I play the occasional game, but I rarely get … [Read more…]

Nuclear Moose is online again!

I’m please to see that Nuclear Moose is online again. After he ranted about WordPress, his blog fell silent – resp. his site was completely unaccessible! A week ago he started blogging again. No reason given for the downtime. Welcome back, Moose!

eBay and linguistics

Coming from work I stopped by a do-it-yourself-store. When I stood in line in front of the checkout, I witnessed the following conversation: She: I ordered terry cloth rompers on eBay. He: That’s what mothers do – ordering such things on eBay Anything remarkable in that conversation? Did you get it too? They did not … [Read more…]

Boosting the economy

I “sold” a project to management on Monday, and in its wake I had to order a whole bunch of software to get it completed. Guess the manufacturers “created with the demoversion of XYZ” watermarks were quite convincing 🙂 It’s the first major expenditure I made for some time and – working for a software … [Read more…]

Hidden messages

100% (read: 3 of 3) of all the participants in my poll regarding the Amazon logo have not realized the message behind the arrow pointing from A to Z. Now Tom points out another (potentially) subliminal message in a Logo to me. This time it’s FedEx: Tom claims that there is an arrow hidden in … [Read more…]