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What a week! I really really needed that Pentecost Holiday. Last week, Canon introduced its new imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printers and I was pretty involved in that event. On top of that, I had to run our international support since our English speaking support guys were on a week long training. I can tell you I had quite some fun…

As usual with Canon-events, it was a great show with lots of bells and whistles. It took place inside an old factory building, and quite a lot of stage illumination and sound was installed. Canon tried to connect its large format printer business to its successful camera and video business, so they hired a professional photographer, equipped him with the newest and finest digital camera, and he took photographs of a really cute model which were then printed on one of the imagePROGAF printers. My colleague and were responsible for two workstations with an imagePROGRAF W8400 (44 inches printing width) and a W6400 (25 inches printing width), and those machines ROCKED! We printed full size posters and images, and the files which came from the digital camera were just unbelievable! You could actually see each and every pore on the models face, and every single hair on her skin. Great!

We had a lot of attention from the press, as well as from retailers and end-customers. I had a long talk with a photographer, who specialized in architectural shots. She was quite impressed with the printers, but she had just spent the equivalent of a middle-class car for a digital camera so that she was on a budget for the next few months.

So anyone out there looking for a photo-printer with “slightly” bigger size, take a good look at the Canon imagePROGRAF units. Their quality is astounding!

I’m a bit tight on time, but I hope to make a new contribution on “getting” older still this week. Thanks, Mark, for the trackback – that’s actually the first I got.

P.S. Yes, I know, I messed up the CSS. I fix it any time soon…

Addendum: Official press release and some pics can be found here:

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