Google is down!

Guess this is a “once in a lifetime”. Google is down. Yes, that Google. Seems the name servers are messed up:

[00:52:37 CEST] pmk@mailbert:~$ nslookup
** server can't find NXDOMAIN

Update: seems they got hacked

Update 2: Everything seems to work again. From my location, was accessible all the time – but for example wasn’t. It seems that the “hack” was just a misconception – see the link above and browse through the postings. I need to get some sleep now. I’m looking forward to see any kind of official reaction – though I doubt there will be an in-depth one.

Update 3 (12 hours later): The Mercury News had a statement from Google spokesman David Krane:

“It was not a hacking or a security issue,” said Krane. He said the problem was related to the DNS, or Domain Name System, though Krane did not elaborate.

Now that I had some hours sleep in between, it’s funny to reflect about the reactions. They ranged from sheer disbelief to disgust end even mischievousness. The most interesting reactions came from AdSense advertisers – I heard the edge of panic in their comments. A couple of remarks were along the lines of “The end is nigh!” – I really hope they were satirical. This whole incident – as unprecedented as it was – cost me almost two hours which I had better spent on going to bed. The influence of Google for my life is remarkably high.

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