OpenBC dresses up for the wedding

The social networking platform formerly known as OpenBC (read: Open Business Club) has renamed itself, and in the process dropped the old layout and dressed itself in a supposedly stylish Web 2.0 design. Its founders plan to go public next year, and I would be pretty surprised if we would NOT see LinkedIn buying the … [Read more…]

Money hidden on website

A fellow member of WebmasterWorld came up with a clever marketing idea. He (she?) hid US$ 200 on the website, and the first visitor who finds it will receive the amount in cash. Of course this is a shameless attempt on getting links to the site, but I appreciate the smart idea. So here’s the … [Read more…]


I’m sorry, this only works in German. But maybe you get the joke when I tell you that the German word for ballpen is “Kugelschreiber”. Thanks to Jörg who came up with this spontaneously when he saw the pen lying around at my desk. If you ever need a translator English/German/German/English get a quote from … [Read more…]

My first day in Second Life

I learned about Second Life quite a while ago, not the least due to the coverage by BoingBoing. Being involved in 3D design myself, I was curious to see how an interactive 3D world actually works. But on the same time I was reluctant as well, recognizing the potential for addiction in such a community. … [Read more…]

Speed rush with fibre optic link

With an almost 3-week delay we finally switched on our fibre-optic link today. The delay was caused by the electrician of our landlord (do you say landlord also for office buildings?), who has the exclusive right to do all wiring in the building. Fact is he broke the cable the first time, but it cost … [Read more…]

Painless upgrade to new WordPress

I was reluctant to upgrade my WordPress 1.5.x to the most recent version because there were quite a lot of warnings given on the official site. Especially the part about backing up the SQL database made me postpone. However Brian just posted a reassuring explanation with a handy script, promising a painless WordPress update in … [Read more…]