Painless upgrade to new WordPress

I was reluctant to upgrade my WordPress 1.5.x to the most recent version because there were quite a lot of warnings given on the official site. Especially the part about backing up the SQL database made me postpone. However Brian just posted a reassuring explanation with a handy script, promising a painless WordPress update in 35 seconds. Well, it took a bit longer for me since I had to adjust a few paths but – hey – it worked just fine! Welcome to WordPress 2.4! Thanks Brian!


  1. Hi Michael!

    You upgraded from 1.5, that is GREAT! I have to tell you that any active site out there that is running anything lower than 2.0.3 really scares me. Prior to your update, I could have removed ALL of your hard work on this site, removed the evidence I did it and there wouldn’t be any traceable evidence in you Apache logs either. That’s not a good situation to be in.

    So, if I helped one person upgrade from 1.5, it is a very good day and that post was worth it!

    I’m glad my instructions worked well for you. I JUST put that post up. So, if anything in there could be said more clearly or should be corrected, please let me know. I think bolding the vi commands will help. I’m gonna do that next.

    And just so people don’t scold, I did say:

    REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR SITE. If you are thinking about updating your site, you should have a ready backup handy in case frogs and locusts start swarming out of your CPU fan. If such things seem unlikely to occur, or your one of those that loves the smell of fried chips in the morning, you may opt to proceed without a backup.

    All that aside, I’ve never had a WP upgrade go south on me to where I needed the backup. And it appears, neither have you.


  2. A friend of mine told me about WAMP ( It’s a great thing to have when you wanna see how updates or changes to your site look without going public.. Allows you to install your whole site on your local machine.

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