Speed rush with fibre optic link

With an almost 3-week delay we finally switched on our fibre-optic link today. The delay was caused by the electrician of our landlord (do you say landlord also for office buildings?), who has the exclusive right to do all wiring in the building. Fact is he broke the cable the first time, but it cost him more than a week to borrow(!) the measurement equipment to confirm it himself and then another 10 days to get a new pre-confectionated(!) cable. That’s Mr. I-installed-many-fibre-optic-networks-before for you 🙁 Our ISP and myself were righteously furious at this guy and his exclusivity deal. I hope the accounting from our ISP check his invoice really thoroughly…

Along with the fibre link came a tripling in speed for our connection (from which this blog benefits too since it is hosted on one of our servers). Once the link was established, we experienced a short but fascinating speed rush as our connection worked at stunning 100 MBit/sec. Just for the fun of it I downloaded a long movie from archive.org with some impressing download rates. However 15 minutes later the router was throttled to regular speed, but even the tripling is quite nice. Probably ISP’s should occasionally switch high bandwidth on for customers, so that they enjoy it and are more likely to upgrade next time.

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