googleschreiber I’m sorry, this only works in German. But maybe you get the joke when I tell you that the German word for ballpen is “Kugelschreiber”.

Thanks to Jörg who came up with this spontaneously when he saw the pen lying around at my desk. If you ever need a translator English/German/German/English get a quote from him!


  1. Hi!

    Thats very funny. But there is another part for this.

    Like Kugelschrei-bär
    Like Hubschrau-bär
    Like Autoschie-bär

    This words have another ending, but of the same sound its very funny 😀 😀

  2. @Keuki: Trotzdem war der Spreeblick mit dem Witz früher am Markt.

    Und meine Blogroll schaffe ich auch nicht. 🙁

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