eBay-auction end-time affects profit

Scientists from my hometown’s university have found out that eBay-auctions, which end during the day achieve higher profits compared to auctions ending in the evening. Popular belief is that evening-endings are more profitable since more surfers are online. However one needs to take into account that the number of auctions ending after 6pm is significantly higher due to the same reason. During daytime, there is a shortage of auction-endings and therefore higher bids might be achieved.
Of course this will only work as long as this does not lead to a paradigm shift with more sellers shifting to during-the-day acution endings. The results might be interesting though for (pseudo-)commercial Powersellers offering larger volumes. They can both test the theory and shift a partion of their stock to end-time-endings and another portion to evening-time-endings.
Via heise.de

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