I released my music tracks under CC

A couple of years ago I was first confronted with the task to create a small (educational/promotional) video. Since I am working with Adobe Premiere since version 4.2 the production of the video was not a big task. But since it was to be used for commercial purposes, the soundtrack was the real difficult part due to licenses and royalties. Finally I discovered Magix Music Maker – a tool aimed at amateurs which came together with huge libraries of soundbits and which allowed the easy creation of royalty free tracks. Over the years, a handful of songs have been created – and more will follow. I have released them under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License. Feel free to download and use them according to this license. The tunes can be found on a special page: http://www.technozid.de/music/

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