New Joomla vulnerabilities

Will they ever get it right? Again there is a new vulnerability targeting Joomla (the CMS formerly known as Mambo) sites. Don’t these guys learn? Mambo/Joomla has a whole track record of vulnerabilities, and the story of the split-up doesn’t sound reassuring too – yet its becoming more and more popular even among professional webmasters! Admittedly, the learning curve is much smoother compared to Typo3 – but for Typo3 we only had one security issue so far and it was dealt with within a day. There’s no such thing as a free lunch – and if you want it easy and shiny, something has to give. In Joomlas case it seems that security is the tradeoff. Go figure.


  1. harry Potter

    The reason typo3 has very good security, is because no peep can get into it, not even the peep admins, peep owners, no peep. How stupid is that?

    Comment moderated due to strong language.

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