Tag your helmet with emergency information

Safety Tag CloseupI have the advantage that I can ride to work by bicycle. When I first came to this town almost two decades ago, it took me only a week to buy myself a helmet, since the traffic seemed pretty suicidal to me. Over the years I had several helmets and learned a few lessons (never again a black helmet since it cooks your brain, and never again one without a shielding net to prevent little buggers from stinging your scalp). The other day, I had to go buy a new helmet since the ribbons on the old one broke free. After I made the payment the shop owner handed me a little sticker to put my address and other personal data in. I looked puzzled until he said that this sticker is to go inside the helmet so in case of an accident I can receive quick help and proper treatment in case of a transfusion. Click on the image above to see a closeup of the sticker. This makes perfect sense to me, so my advice to anyone using a helmet is to paste a similar sticker inside. And to the ones not using a bicycle helmet: please reconsider! It’s cheap (I payed about 50 €), they are lightweight nowadays, and it adds a significant saftey zone for your head.

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