Social experiment: Health vs. Microsoft

We had a public holiday yesterday so I did some cleanup at home. It turned out that I had two identical CD’s teaching “Progressive Muscular Relaxation” and a beta CD of the new Microsoft Office which was in a magazine a few days ago. I took them both to work and put them on the table in our kitchenette – that’s the place were surplus stuff, flyers etc. are placed for anybody to take with them.

As of this lunchbreak, the health-CD has found a new home already. The Office-Beta CD lies untouched…

Update June 21: … and lies untouched…
Update June 22: Yeah! I just returned from my lunchbreak only to see that one of my colleagues from Sales took the CD…


  1. Non-Microsoft fan

    Someone in sales using Microsoft? Well isn’t that a coincidence (with Microsoft being more of a marketing company than a programming one).

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