Annoyance: Missing ID3 tags in CC music

Missing ID3 tags Is it really that difficult? I mean, musicians who publish their music under a CC licencse as MP3 on the internet do have some technology affinity, right? So why is it that most of the music I recently downloaded from CC Hits does not have any – or at best incomplete – ID3 tags?
Thanks to ID3 Tagit – a smart tool which can extract relevant tag-information from various sources as well as allows bulk editing – I was able to tag most of the missing information. But I still wonder why the artists don’t do it, since it is supposedly in their best interest.
For those of you who don’t know CC Hits – go have a look! It’s a whealth of great free music. Along with my other favorite Magnatunes it gives me a superb choice of fresh sounds. Here’s a small list of new bands and musicians I found via CC Hits:

Have fun!

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