All along the chilltower

Flight back from DresdenThe other day I’ve been to Dresden, or more exactly to Radebeuel, known as the birthplace of Karl May, the German writer of Wild West novels. I had to host a training in a depressingly hot room with lots of PC equipment and beamers and 11 attendees plus my colleague and myself. The schedule allowed us a quick visit to the city of Dresden shortly before our return flight started.
I have never been to Dresden before, but I had to admit it is a very beautiful town, set into the valley of the river Elbe very much like my own hometown on the river Mosel. Of course a visit to the freshly rebuilt Frauenkirche was mandatory – the chill down the spine however did not come, despite my knowledge of the churches past. It was impressing – yes – but less moving than I expected.
On the flight back I had time to listen into my freshly downloaded music from CC Hits – thanks to my noise cancelling headset. And when we broke the cloud ceiling, I just listened to “All along the chilltower” by the Hot Bitch Arsenal – and experienced a perfect moment with a spectacular view. Check out CC Hits – I assume there’s something for you as well.

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