Google is down!

Guess this is a “once in a lifetime”. Google is down. Yes, that Google. Seems the name servers are messed up: [00:52:37 CEST] pmk@mailbert:~$ nslookup Server: Address: ** server can’t find NXDOMAIN

Going ballistic

I came about a couple of sites and plugins which dealt with geographic coordinates, to draw maps of blogs near your location or add the geographic position of commenters. There is even a special META tag to go into the head-section of a site, which lists its coordinates. The name of the tag is ICBM. … [Read more…]

Captain's log, stardate 318346.75

Day two of my journey into the blogosphere (a word which I actually don’t like too much – it just doesn’t sound “right” to me). The response so far has been – Ahem – overwhelming. Apart from (blog-)search-engine spiders – I had only three presumably human visitors so far, including Mark who gained the prize … [Read more…]

Umm… well…

Well, ok, it was bound to happen. I started a blog too. Yeah, yeah, I can hear your comments now. “Yawn, not ANOTHER one”. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not. What are my reasons for doing this? I can’t say. Maybe it’s midlife crisis. Maybe it’s showing off. Maybe it’s just curiosity. To see how it … [Read more…]