Bicycle accident – knee damaged

Today is the fourth day after a bicycle accident I had. Fortunately it happened without another party involved – otherwise it might have been even worse. I cycled downhill and had to take a right turn at a crossing – a spot I pass twice each day. Since it hasn’t rained since April 1st the crossing was dusty with dirt an pollen. However a municipal cleaning machine has just passed and sprayed some water on it. The water formed a greasy coating with the dirt/pollen, so my bicycle lost traction and I slammed to the ground and slid accross the crossing. I am covered with bruises, and my left knee was bleeding heavily and was quite swollen. I had to go to the hospital and they took 3 x-rays of the knee. Fortunately nothing is broken, but the swelling only subsides very slowly. On Thursday and Friday I could barely walk at all. Today on Sunday there is still some substantial swelling, not to speak of the battered look which looks as the leg comes right out of a Zombie movie…


  1. I fell a few month ago from a quad bike, and had a nasty swollen knee, with an internal bleeding. Really annoying, couldn’t anything involving “moving your leg” for quite a long time. 😉

  2. […] These have been eventful weeks. I have been traveling a lot, been visiting a dealer and one of his customers in Austria, and I spent several days at a tradeshow in Rome. There, however, my already tattered knee got worse, and I had to take rather strong medication and keep it absolutely calm in order to avoid surgery. Upon my return in the office preparations for the next tradeshow in Berlin were in full swing, so I dived right back into work. One of the downsides of this completely unnecessary knee issue is that I didn’t get a ticket for Berlin myself. Since I do not only love to plan and manage tradeshows, but also love to go there, this was quite a disappointment. But knee surgery is not what I want to experience either. […]

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