I don’t know where Dirk found this list, but for summing up the year it seems an adequate collection. So here we go:

  1. Gained or lost weight?
    Gained – but stable now
  2. Longer or shorter hair?
    No change
  3. Nearsighted or farsighted?
    Recent check showed increased nearsightedness – as a result I got new fancy glasses (which I intended to blog about anytime soon)
  4. More money or less?
  5. Spent more or spent less?
    About the same, or maybe a slight increase. More savings though.
  6. Moved more or less?
    More. Was able to bicycle to work more, and doing workout once a week.
  7. The most stupid plan?
    Getting rich by AdSense
  8. The most dangerous endeavour?
    International business travel within one day back and forth, resp. driving home from business trips after a 20h day.
  9. The best sex?
    What is sex?
  10. The most expensive purchase?
    Two projectors, screens and audiovisual equipment for the company, and a new dishwasher for my appartment.
  11. The most delicious meal?
    The “4 seasons buffet” during a Canon roadshow
  12. The most impressing book?
    “Seeker” by Jack McDevitt
  13. The most impressing movie?
    Haven’t been to a movie theater in a while.
  14. The best CD?
    “Love” – Beatles remastered by their original producer
  15. The most impressive concert?
    The Celebrate! tour concert by Fiddler’s Green.
  16. Spent the most time with…
    … work
  17. Spent the most quality time with…
    … my kids
  18. Predominant feeling 2006?
  19. Done for the first time in 2006?
    Visited Spain.
  20. Done again after a long pause in 2006?
    Played electric guitar
  21. Three things I could have well done without?
    Common cold, the office move – the third is too personal for this blog.
  22. The most important thing I wanted to persuade someone of?
    The need for PPC campaigns.
  23. The nicest present I gave someone?
    A Rosenstolz concert ticket.
  24. 2006 summarized in one word:

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