30 million vulnerable WordPress sites

I had a lengthy email conversation with Brian Layman a few months ago about security issues in WordPress, and the need to motivate WordPress users (who more often than not are laymen [no pun intended] themselves) to upgrade. Brian is a bit desillusioned how security issues are handled by the WordPress core team. He compiled his research and his thoughts into a rather long post, which is a must-read for all WordPress users.

If you have not updated your WordPress, do so, and do it now! Brian has a very helpful script, that allows you to update WordPress in 35 seconds. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Thanks for the link back Michael!

    My (blog) main goal for this week is to finish the new version of the 35 second upgrade. I’ve made a number of improvements. Some of which we’ve already discussed.

    It looks like 2.0.6 will be out in just a few days unless any big issues are found (and a couple questions have surfaced in the last 24 hours). If you want to read about what will make up the 2.0.6 release, you can find it all in this article: WordPress 2.0.6 Content Summary – Release in days, WordPress 2.1 due Jan 2007.

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