Poser 7 coming soon – but no features disclosed yet

Well, it seems the folks at e-frontier wanted to do an enticing marketing campaign, but not disclosing any feature of a major new release is quite strange. As rumour had it a while ago, there is really a new version of Poser coming. But neither the release date is given in the press release, nor any details about the features. Only the packed 3D content gets mentioned – and of course the price. But – hey – a bit more would be nice?

Poser 7 characterWhat is interesting as well is that yet again two new characters get introduced. Admittedly e-frontier made quite a significatn leap in quality with the “G2 males” for Poser 6. However their characters James and Jessi from Poser 6 never really caught on with the community. What is predominantly used are the “Victoria 3” and “Michael 3” characters from DAZ. I would have expected a “G2 Jessi” and not a new character which the community might again not accept.

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