Bodenständig 2000 sound bites updated

Due to the Warholian 15-minutes-fame moment of my Bodenständig 2000 iTunes post and its appearance on BoingBoing, the artists decided to put some more songs available for download onto their webpage. Everybody who thinks they are making neo-nazi rock can listen to it and hopefully see how wrong this assumption is.
I’m still trying to talk them into releasing some material to CC:Share Music or CC:Sampling. I’ll keep this blog updated on that matter.

Update: Youtube has a video of their 2004 concert in the Scala in London


  1. Hey — wait — I never said they were making neo-nazi rock (your link to my site — thanks for the link — implies I did). I had never heard of the band and, frankly, neo-nazi rock was about as far from my mind as possible from the descriptions I had read.

    I’m actually looking forward to listening to their tracks.

    I make a firm policy of not censoring comments. At the point comments go way into the weeds, I’m usually more likely to simply close the comments with a final note of “too stupid, waste of energy, comments closed message.

  2. The link was aimed at your commenter #1 – not at you personally. I never experienced so many comments on my blog. Though they are controversial, they are not yet going too much out of line. I hope it stays that way so I can keep them all online.

  3. Take this, Steve! iTunes ohne Bodenständig 2000

    Bern, hart rockender Wissenschaftler von Bodenständig 2000 erläutert, warum er verhindert hat, dass seine Tracks weiter bei iTunes vertrieben werden:
    We know that mp3 is part of our relative poverty, but Apples proprietary digital rights management is

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