I've seen my first Google Box today

Today was the last day of Jona’s internship at my company. In order to make that last day a bit special we made a field-trip to our ISP. Their building is rather unspectacular and I think I saw a little disappointment on Jona’s face upon entering the slightly worn-out apartment-like building residing in a backyard off the main road. He brightened up a bit when our guide showed us the bunch of bundles of fibre cables – each several inches in thickness – entering the premises. Any doubt that this ISP is indeed a “real” ISP vanished when we entered the inner sanctum – the server hosting room. Multiple rows of 19″ racks – each equipped with an UPS and stuffed with server boxes and switches – produced together with the A/C a deafening noise.
Google MiniOnly thanks to our decade-long business relationship we were allowed into this room, and we were specifically reminded not to look too closely at the owners name tags attached to the servers, and if we did, to forget them immediately. Two huge racks consisted solely of the servers of a well known TV station (that much I was allowed to disclose), and one had as the topmost device the azure blue Google Mini. It looked surprisingly normal. As a matter of fact it looked pretty much like our firewall, only in blue. Nevertheless I was quite surprised to actually see one “in the wild”. I wonder how many of those devices are out there. Anybody using one willing to give a report on how it works?


  1. isn’t that google box just a local (=corporate) search enginge equiped with google’s searchengine technology?

  2. Yes, exactly. Was it ambiguous what I said? Apparently MTV the station uses it for internal purposes.

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