New Terry Pratchett just arrived

Going Postal (Discworld Novels (Paperback)) The new Terry Pratchett novel “Going Postal” just arrived as paperback. I was lucky since I had a 5 EUR voucher from amazon so I only paid 1.09 EUR for it. I haven’t started reading yet, but probably will later tonight. Since Night Watch, Pratchett’s style has changed considerably and the novels got more intense, the characters more finely tuned.

On a sidenote: the way I got the 5€ voucher was rather funny. I got it from an Amazon poll regarding Harry Potter a few months ago. I have to admit that I am not overly keen regarding Harry Potter. I only saw the first movie a few days ago and never read one of the books. But – hey – why not taking the survey. So the first question came up regarding why I like Harry Potter. None of the options applied, but the last option was “I’m not really interested in Harry Potter”. It was a bit bizarre for a poll but I selected it since it was the truth. The next question was how I would prefer to order the new Harry Potter. Again none of the options applied, but the last read “As I said before I’m not a fan of Harry Potter”. And so every single one of the questions had a more or less funny phrased option saying that I’m not interested in Harry Potter. I finished the survey and got my 5€ voucher.

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