Feels like Rivendell

It’s October 31, at 8:36 in the evening. Outside temperature is 19 degrees Centigrade (66 degrees Farenheit). The golden leaves are falling in a gentle breeze. Riding to work with my bicycle was great this morning. During lunchtime, I went outside only wearing a T-Shirt and the sun felt great at some 25C/77F. Since we switched back from Daylight Saving this weekend, I had to ride home in darkness. It was still pretty warm, but already pitch black. And the golden leaves fell.
Weather report says it’s going to get nasty tomorrow. So this day today was really enchanted. Tomorrow is a Public Holiday, so many people took a day off today. The streets were pretty empty, the sun was golden, and the leaves fell. It very much reminded me of Rivendell, the place of eternal autumn.
I hope that winter arrives fast. That we don’t face endless weeks of sleet and fog. I want it crisp cold and clear. Farewell October.

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