Outstanding service!

Last Friday I ordered some software at Softline, a German supplier. The package arrived on Monday, but it took me until Tuesday to get started. Once the CD was inserted, my PC started to lock up. The cd-drive flashed wildly, and the whole system was slowed down to a standstill. This happened on 2 other PC’s as well, the fourth PC was able to copy the CD’s content to hard drive, but it took 15 minutes to do so. It was clear that the CD (a pressed one, not a recorded one) was faulty. Nevertheless I was able to install the software.

I contacted Softline and told them that I’m good to go, but that in the long run I’d like to have a good install CD. Unfortunately they could not deliver a replacement CD, so that I had to return the whole package. They faxed me an return form and entered a replacement order into their PC.

THIS MORNING, the replacement package was on my desk! We did not even ship the first package back yet, so they actually sent the replacement right away! And we are talking a package for only 200 € here!

I think this deserves the Outstanding Service Award!

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