Am I an ignorant person?

Later this afternoon, news of the second London attack broke. But the news that touched me more today was the one of James Doohans death. I felt like crying when I first heard it, I felt like crying every time since then when I though about it again. Does this make me a bad or an ignorant person? Is it a self-defense mechanism of the brain to not go completely nuts? (Note to myself: re-read “The Shockwave Rider“)

Nevertheless, I did a quick scan of the blogosphere. A lot of blogs cover Doohans demise. There seem to be two favorite headlines:

  1. He’s dead, Jim
  2. Scotty (was) beamed up

I too was tempted to quote Scotties famous line in my post. It seemed strangely out of line though. And as for “He’s dead, Jim” – that’s just bad taste. Imho.

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