Boosting the economy

I “sold” a project to management on Monday, and in its wake I had to order a whole bunch of software to get it completed. Guess the manufacturers “created with the demoversion of XYZ” watermarks were quite convincing 🙂 It’s the first major expenditure I made for some time and – working for a software company myself – makes me feel actually rather good. I’m tempted to experiment with those great tools myself, but my graphics designer is just as eager and actually will make better use of it. Sigh.

I have not yet made up my mind of how much of my business occupation I am prepared to disclose here, so until then no specifics. Please bear with me (if anyone reads this at all…).


  1. Hi pmk, I wanna know!

    You might want to talk it over with your boss just to see what the company thinks of your activities, but in general, I’d think most of the time, disclosing what you do is a positive thing for your employer.

    Then again… if you want to keep your job maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. Just kidding 🙂

  2. […] I’m pretty busy right now. The project I sold to management demands a fast pace, so I am actually working day and night to meet the ambitious deadline. We also decided to do an Open House event on September 1st, which is going to take place in a hangar of a nearby airport. Most of the planning and preparation has to be done by my team. But at least I can assign some tasks here. So don’t be surprised if I am a bit silent right now. […]

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