Life looks better in wide-angle

I just returned from my summer vacation. It was planned for two weeks, but we had to return after one week for reasons which don’t belong here. I had prepared two posts in WordPress and set a creation date in the future so that they should give the impression that I’m on-line. National law forces me to put my full address onto the imprint of this site and I was afraid of burglars who would – ahem – read this blog. I know it’s far fetched but similar incidents have been reported before…

I had my old video camera with me, and I got a wide-angle adapter on eBay. It’s normal to change the optics for a regular photo camera, switching between zoom, macro and wide-angle. But it is not widely known that there are also wide-angle adapters for video cameras (as well as extra-zoom and macro too – but I don’t use these).

What shall I say? Life looks better in wide-angle! Admittedly you should not capture close-ups of faces, unless you are into funny noses. But everything else is just “grander” in wide-angle. Due to certain technical aspects, video looks a lot different from actual film. But the wide-angle alone brought in quite a lot of that “movie look” video amateurs aspire to. The image in wide-angle is so much closer to our human perception, that the video footage begins to resemble life much more.

In the next few days of my vacation I start to digitally edit this footage and try to add the “sunglass effect” in color correction.

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