Poll regarding the Amazon logo

While watching the superb EPIC 2015 video, it occured to me for the very first time after all those years that the Amazon logo contains an arrow pointing from A to Z. It’s message is “obviously” to say that amazon has it all. I just never saw it before!

Amazon logo

Imagine my further surprise, when I found out that I’m not the only one who never “saw” this component before! So here’s a poll for all of you. Please answer honestly: who has seen the “A->Z” component before and realized what it was, and who has not?

I’m looking forward to the majority vote – maybe the graphics department of Amazon will get a wake-up call…


  1. I looked at the logo maybe a thousand times and never realized that either. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s quite obvious. Hmm.

  2. I’ve also never noticed the arrow… but maybe that’s exactly the point. It might be one of those branding/subliminal messaging types of things, where they want to provoke a response at a subconcious level.

    I’m sure if they wanted everyone to know about that arrow in their concious mind, they would have put out some PR and maybe even sticky notes on their site when they revved their logo 😉

  3. […] 100% (read: 3 of 3) of all the participants in my poll regarding the Amazon logo have not realized the message behind the arrow pointing from A to Z. Now Tom points out another (potentially) subliminal messafe in a Logo to me. This time it’s FedEx: […]

  4. Funny, I never realized this, too. Given the fact that so many did not see it either, I think that a logo should be designed in a way that its psychological effect works on a non-intellectual level, whereas this “a to z” definitely requires a conscious, intellectual act to be understood, which is not what people generally do when looking at logos. At least I don’t believe the arrow will have a significant effect on the unconscious level – but who knows …


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