1 year of blogging

So. has it really been a year already? Unbelievable. So let’s see what this year in the “blogosphere” (I still don’t like the word) achieved:

  • Creating a place to collect some random thoughts: Check!
  • Learn how blogging works and what’s it all about: Check!
  • Remain current with events and developments: No check.
  • Develop a network of new contacts and friends: Partial check.
    There’s Dirk and Kristian (whom I knew before though), Jona who is going to do an internship in my company as a result of the two of us blogging, and from abroad there are Mark and Tom with whom I had (a little bit of) contact besides blogging. To be honest, I have hoped (and assumed) more contact.
  • Being able to maintain a regular blogging schedule: No check!
    My regular occupations were just too time consuming, and I restrained myself when it comes to business issues.
  • Develop a niche topic and become – if not an expert – a premier ressource for it: No Check!
    Though there seem to be only a few blogs for Typo3 (and even fewer for Typo3 in combination with WordPress), I posted too rarely. As a matter of fact, the topic which brings most of the Search Engine traffic to this site is LOTRBFME – and this comes from Google Image search…
  • Become famous: Partial check 🙂
    I got my 15 minutes of fame (Hi, Dirk!) when I was amongst the first to report a major Google outage in May last year. I commented on a thread on Engadget which still brings traffic to my site!
  • Becoming unfathomable rich by AdSense revenue: Certainly no check
    I made less than 3 US$ so far which does not even pay for the domain costs.

So, where does it go from here? Apart from stopping blogging altogether (which is not actually an option for me), I can leave it either at this status, with infrequent updates and no ambitions, or I can devote more time (and ressources) to it, which is in fact what I am inclined to do:

  1. Start a more reliable posting schedule
  2. Make up my mind regarding work related issues
  3. Sharpen the thematic focus of this blog
  4. Actively engage in the community to build a network of blog-friends
  5. Refine appearance and navigation of the site

Can I do it? Yes I can! Let’s see in a year from now!


  1. I’m looking forward to my one-year-review 😉 Did you knew what you wanted to achieve when you started your blog? I can’t exactly remember why I started mine. I think it was after I stopped playing WoW (and therefore blogging about it) I needed a place to continue blogging.

  2. Well, actually the items above were essentially the ones I set out to do. That’s why I did the “check/no check” list.

  3. ‘s matter ‘o fact I checked into airfares to Cork last night since I was interested in your “Web 2.0” event. Seems Cork does not get serviced directly from an airport in a resonable distance from me. However Shannon does – going there would cost 2.99 €, getting back 69.99 € 🙂

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