Mambo worm in the wild

Mambo worm via

Linux/Elxbot is a backdoor for the Mambo vulnerability. It will search on Google for vulnerable targets. Once it infects a computer it will connect to a predetermined IRC server where the attackers will wait and have the possibility to gain access to the infected computer.

I know why I am sticking to Typo3 and do not jump on the Mambo bandwagon…

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  1. […] Will they ever get it right? Again there is a new vulnerability targeting Joomla (the CMS formerly known as Mambo) sites. Don’t these guys learn? Mambo/Joomla has a whole track record of vulnerabilities, and the story of the split-up doesn’t sound reassuring too – yet its becoming more and more popular even among professional webmasters! Admittedly, the learning curve is much smoother compared to Typo3 – but for Typo3 we only had one security issue so far and it was dealt with within a day. There’s no such thing as a free lunch – and if you want it easy and shiny, something has to give. In Joomlas case it seems that security is the tradeoff. Go figure. […]

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