Of old recordings

Molly wrote a bit about some professional music recordings she did several years ago. Even though I was not in the right mood for this type of music, it made me remember about some music I did in the past. Unfortunately I can’t compete with Molly when it comes to talent and skills with an instrument. And myself singing would for sure violate the Geneva convention. Nevertheless I quite like my tunes and – most important – they saved their purpose as background instrumentals for videos, animations and presentations.
They were created using Magix Music Maker, a notoriously underrated piece of software – the musical equivalent of CorelDraw which is frowned upon by graphic “professionals”. Fact is, that Magix built a surprisingly versatile and surprisingly professional tool, whose only “flaw” is that it hides under a flashy user interface and comes with a bargain price tag. These two issues condemn it to the “unprofessional” drawer. Sometimes people act stupid. But I digress…

Inspired by Molly, I decided to make my tunes freely available. Download them. Listen to them. If you like them – keep them. If you like to use them for a project of yours – feel free to do so! My only request is that you credit me somewhere in your project, and maybe drop me a line or send me a copy or link to your project. Feedback and constructive criticism will be very much appreciated too!

Here we go:


Update: Fixed download paths…

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